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Professional advice and service.                                                                       

Our staff are friendly, approachable and knowledgeable.   We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our warm and personable staff.

We understand that attending a solicitor can be intimidating, and for some an embarrassing time.  We will ensure your matter is dealt with sensitively and professionally and in a timely manner.

As a practice we have a great deal of experience and knowledge enabling us to assist clients with special needs, particularly in the areas of mental health and intellectual disability.  We have achieved excellent outcomes for our clients through the Mental Health Diversion Program and Drug Court in the Adelaide and metropolitan  Magistrates Courts.

Our office is located in the East end of the city, ground level office with easy parking and access.


Recent comments from a client:     "Thank you very much for your professionalism and your kindness towards ............    I feel happy that we were sent to you to represent ........as your manner was always courteous and friendly.    Disability SA Carer on behalf of client

I have known Michael for at least 10 years and have valued his experience greatly when I needed a wise legal head to guide me in the field of law.........

Michael is always coming up with ideas that will help those in need with good advice and is not the type of lawyer whose focus is on the clock and how much money he can charge."







  • All minor and major criminal cases, Legal Aid clients welcome and supported

Industrial- employment

  • Including matters such as unfair dismissal, money claim, bullying, discrimination due to  gender, race and age

Guardianship /Mental Health

  • Appeals against detention, Community Treatment Orders, ECT therapy.

  • We have expertise in negotiating and providing legal solutions for our clients.

Associations’ Governance

  • Constitutions
  • Internal Disputes

Incorporations Law

Wills/Probate and Administration

Powers of Attorney

Commercial and Civil Litigation

Personal Injury

Debt recovery











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Ph: +61 8 8215 0288

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